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Northern Indiana’s IICRC Certified Rug Cleaner.
Trust your heirloom Rugs to Terry’s.
State-of-the-Art Rug plant using Wool-Safe Products to protect your investment.

Your fine area rugs collect just as much dirt and grime as your regular carpeting. Many people are afraid to give them a regular vacuuming – after all, these are very expensive and often quite fragile pieces. Trust Terry's to handle this important job! Our specialists will bring your treasures back to life with a thorough, but delicate, cleaning.

8 Step Process

  1. Inspect
  2. Check-In
  3. Dust & Vac Dry Soil
  4. Rug Washing
  5. Water Removal
  6. Final Dry
  7. Finish
  8. Final Inspection/Wrap

Cleaning natural fiber rugs such as wool, cotton and silk are not to be cleaned like wall-to-wall synthetic carpet. Wool rugs should never be steam cleaned on location. Major damage can occur from temperature, high ph cleaning products, improper dusting and drying time.

Our cleaning plant will treat your area rug like a day at the spa, returning them to you, dust free, soft and with renewed colors.

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