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Why choose Terry's Cleaning and Restoration for your Goshen mold damage remediation needs?

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mold damage Goshen INMold is a word which brings fear to a homeowner. 

mold removal Goshen IN

Terry’s can remove the fear of the unknown by inspecting the property and evaluating the extent of the problem and the source. Terry’s can work with an independent environmental hygienist or lab on larger projects to do air samples and clearance test to give you that piece of mind.

Terry’s is trained to remove, contain, and dispose of mold contaminated materials. With the use of personal protective equipment, negative air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, dehumidification and antimicrobials, we take a practical approach with mold remediation.

What We Do To Eliminate Your Mold Damage

The process of mold cleanup requires containment of the affected area. Because black mold removal is done on any size mold infestations, it can be challenging to locate the source of the moisture and make sure that all the mold is removed. Restoring the building to a usable, uncontaminated state is challenging when mold can be found:

•On drywall, paint and wallpaper.
•In HVAC systems.
•On or under flooring like carpeting or linoleum.
•On the surface of and inside cracks in concrete or cinderblock.
•On wood surfaces.

Before After
mold removal company goshen in mold damage company goshen in

The first step in mold remediation is the removal of all mold. Since mold grows only in the presence of water. Treating the original water problem is fundamental to preventing further mold growth. This means that if the mold is caused by a current or ongoing water seepage problems then mold remediation cannot be done unless the water problem is addressed first. That's why Terry's can also handle your water damage.

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