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Pet Odor Treatmentpet stain removal Goshen IN

Even if you clean up your pet's mess right away, there's always that lingering odor or remaining spot. That's because all those sprays and powders sold at most stores don't get to the root of the problem.

Pet urine is quickly absorbed by carpet and padding, even soaking into the subfloor. Covering urine areas with baking soda and other perfumes (or other over-the-counter products) is not the answer. These products only mask the odors; they do not eliminate the odor.

Terry's powerful pet stain cleaning system gets down into the fibers and neutralizes the damaging odors from your carpets. And once the pet odor removal is completed, your pets will be less likely to soil in that area.

Pet odors can be an embarrassing subject, but as professional carpet cleaners, we see pet damage daily. We have the tools necessary to pinpoint pet urine from the surface, including probes and UV lights.

Please know that not every home has pets and therefore it is necessary to charge additional for this service.

Dye Removal

Dyes are found in many beverages that we drink, like Kool-aid for example. Unfortunately these dyes do not normally rinse right out of the carpet with the normal cleaning process. Instead we must use a special dye removal process that transfers the dye from the synthetic carpet fibers to an absorbent cotton towel. While this process is not always 100% effective, we can normally remove 85-95% of the dyes. Our success also depends upon whether or not other spotting products were used prior to our arrival.

Dye removal is not considered to be part of the “normal cleaning process” and is charged accordingly.

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